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It is rightly said that one of the ways of improving and raising the standard of society is to concentrate on the education of the youth. In them lies latent energies capable of gratifying our long cherished dream of attaining peace and harmony. It is in them alone that we come across a wonderful soil in which seeds of vigour, bravery and other virtues can be sown. Theirs is an impressionable mind where the planted seed will burgeon into a rich and plentiful harvest.

What the young minds need is a rich diet of ideas, thoughts and activities which nourish and kindle not just their minds but also their souls. We here at Vidyashram try our best to provide our students with such a rich and diverse environment, engaging them in a plethora of activities which enable them to polish and enhance their skills and talents in a value rich atmosphere. The goal here is not to just churn out success machines but to bring up empathetic and conscientious children who will be able to keep the flag of Indian values and culture flying with dignity and grace.

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